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Handbook for Lexicon Based Dialect Fieldwork 汉语方言词汇调查手册.

Beijing: Zhonghua shuju 中华书局, 2006.

Richard VanNess Simmons, with Gu Qian 顾黔 and Shi Rujie 石汝杰.

03_Dialect_Survey_Book_CoverThis volume is the polished version of the set of lexical field questionnaires developed and used in a multi-year project investigating the boundary between Wu and Jiang-Hwai Mandarin dialects supported by the Luce Foundation. It contains three questionnaires in the form of word lists: a long list of over 1900 lexical items, a medium list of 440 critical dialect vocabulary, and a short list of 60 for quick broad surveys. Also included is a short guide for the use of the handbook in the field, as well as sample completed questionnaires.



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