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China Lecture Series: God and Ritual Governance in Late Imperial China 09/17/2015

Korean Studies Lecture Series: North Korea's National Security Policies: Comparing those of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, & Kim Jong Un 10/08/2015

China Lecture Series: The Seat of Grand One (Taiyi) and New Light on an Old Problem: How Did Daoist Religion Happen?  10/22/2015

Korean Studies Lecture Series: Music of Korea: Past Practices and Contemporary Trends 10/28/2015

China Lecture Series: A Gift of a Horse: the Papal Envoy Giovanni de' Marignolli, Toyon Temur, and Conflicted Readings 11/12/2015

Lecture and Book Signing: Cold War Fantasy: How Ordinary People Shaped the Postwar Order 11/16/2015

China Lecture Series: Defining an East Asian Modality of Modern Literature: The Case of Wartime Taiwan 12/10/2015

China Lecture Series: Nirvana as Permanence, Joy, Self, and Purity in a Medieval Chinese Buddhist Commentary 01/28/2016

China Lecture Series: Emperor and Consort at the Hot Springs: Poems of Great Romance 02/11/2016

Korean Studies Lecture Series: Naturalizing Subtitles: Translation Tips and Traps 02/24/16

Workshop: International Workshop on the History of Colloquial Chinese -- Written and Spoken 03/11 - 03/12/16

China Lecture Series: From Sidewalk Xianchang to Spectral Realism: Yang Lina's Beijing and Beyond 03/24/16

China Lecture Series: The Real and the Fake in Seventeenth Century Literature 04/07/16

China Lecture Series: "Spontaneous Arising" and an Ethics of the Creative Change in the Early Daoist Text, Heng xian 04/21/16

Workshop: Chinese Medieval Studies Workshop at Rutgers University 04/29 - 04/30/16

Workshop on Chinese Studies: Memory in Chinese Studies 05/05/16

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