Archived Events from the 2012-2013 School Year

Chinese Medieval Studies Workshop at Rutgers University 5/4/2013

China Humanities Seminar: Death Ritual, Ancestor Worship, and Memory in Medieval China 4/26/2012

China Lecture Series: James Robson, "Searching For a Better Return: Premortem Death Rituals [nixiu 逆修, yuxiu 預修] in Medieval Chinese Buddhism and Society4/25/2013

China Lecture Series: Kirk A. Denton, "Exhibiting the Future: Urban Fantasies in Chinese Municipal Urban Planning Exhibition Halls" 4/18/2013

China Lecture Series: Charles Hartman, "Rethinking the Literati: A New Paradigm for Song Dynasty History" 4/16/2013

China Lecture Series: Yan Lianke, "The Lightness and Heaviness of Contemporary Chinese Literature" 4/10/2013

China Lecture Series: Haun Saussy, "Giving a Voice to Commentary" 3/14/2013

China Lecture Series: Michael Puett, "Disjunctions, Substitutions, and the Artifice of Ritual: Theories of Sacrifice in Classical China" 2/28/2013

China Lecture Series: Robert F. Campany, "The Incredible Vanishing Religion: Glimmers of Buddhist Imagination from Medieval China" 11/29/2012

China Humanities Seminar: Affective Mapping of Chinese Cities 11/16/2012

China Lecture Series: Ronald Egan, "Rethinking Li Qingzhao in Chinese Cultural History" 11/8/2012

China Lecture Series: Michelle Yeh, "Game-Changers in Modern Chinese Poetry" 10/4/2012

China Lecture Series: Terry Kleeman, "The Structure of Society in the Early Celestial Master Daoist Church" 9/27/2012

China Lecture Series: David R. Knechtges, "Tuckahoe and Sesame, Wolfberries and Chrysanthemums, Orange and Pine Wines, Pork and Pasta: Fu on Food and Drink by Su Shi and Pu Songling" 9/20/2012