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China Lecture Series: Sarah Schneewind, "F U CN RD THS: Introducing A Digital Tool to Study How the Late Imperial Primer-Literate Audience Read Texts, as Applied to Ming Steles for Shrines to Living Officials" 9/12/2013

Lecture: Charles K. Armstrong, "North Korea and the Global South: The Rise and Fall of a Third-World Model" 10/3/2013

Exhibition and Lecture: A Genius of All Ages: Su Dongpo 10/18/2013

China Lecture Series: Patricia Ebrey, "The Song Emperor Huizong: Daoist, Painter, Poet, Captive" 10/24/2013

China Lecture Series: Robin D.S. Yates, "Totalitarian Regime or Enlightened Empire? What New Archaeological Discoveries Reveal about the Qin" 10/31/2013

China Lecture Series: Miranda Brown, "Modeling Early Chinese Medicine: Reflections on the Relationship Between Law and Science" 11/14/2013

Lecture: Tae-Ho Kim, "President's Rice vs. King's Rice: The Unexpected Legacy of the Green Revolution in South Korea" 12/3/2013

China Lecture Series: Paul R. Goldin, "Why Does Sunzi 孫子 Keep Using Terminology Borrowed from Moral Philosophy?" 12/5/2013

China Lecture Series: Yomi Braester, "Digital Effects and Cinephiliac Ethics: Chinese Film under the Sign of Globalization" 1/30/2014

China Lecture Series: James Benn, "Sex and Seduction in a Chinese Apocryphal Sutra" 2/20/2014

China Humanities Seminar: Commemoration by Commission: Buying and Selling Memory in Late Medieval China 2/21/2014

China Lecture Series: Yingjin Zhang, "Film Stars in the Perspective of Performance Studies: Play, Liminality, and Alteration in Chinese Cinema" 2/27/2014

China Lecture Series: Paul Smith, "Anatomies of Reform: Comparing Fan Zhongyan’s Abortive Reform of 1043 and Wang Anshi’s New Policies of 1069-1085" 3/6/2014

Korea Lecture Series: Theodore Hughes, "Battlefield Intimacies: Reconfiguring the Family in Early Korean War Films" 3/12/2014

Korea Lecture Series: Ruth Barraclough, "Peasant, Heiress, Writer, Whore: Korea's Early Communist Women" 3/25/2014

Workshop on Chinese Studies: A Dialogue Across Disciplines and Periods in Chinese Studies 4/4/2014

China Lecture Series: Ding Xiang Warner, "Transmitters and Creators: Discourses of Affinity in Late Tang and Early Song Literati Culture" 5/1/2014

Chinese Medieval Studies Workshop at Rutgers University 5/3/2014


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