Graduate Master Course List

Graduate Master Course List

This is the Master List of all graduate courses in the East Asian Languages and Cultures program. For information on how Chinese courses can be counted towards the M.A.T. in Chinese, please consult the M.A.T in Chinese page. In addition, please be advised that the syllabus for any given page will have the most accurate information. Syllabi can generally be found on the current or recent course offerings pages, as well as in the course description. However, not every class listed has a syllabus. In these cases, please contact the department or appropriate professor for more information.


Chinese 16:165

Courses in English

16:165:504 Advanced Topics in Chinese Language


16:165:506 Chinese across the Curriculum


16:165:507 Chinese across the Curriculum


16:165:510 Teaching Chinese through Modern Fiction


16:165:512 Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society


16:165:524 Advanced Topics in Chinese Civilization


16:165:532 Chinese Poetry and Poetics


East Asian Language and Cultures 16:217

Courses in English

16:217:501 Pro-Seminar I: Critical Approaches to East Asian Studies


16:217:502 Pro-Seminar II: Research Methodology


16:217:505 Academic Writing in East Asian Studies


16:217:511 The Silk Road: A History of Cultural and Material Exchanges


16:217:515 Women in Pre-Modern China


16:217:520 History of Chinese Literature: Beginnings to 1300


01:217:521 History of Chinese Literature: 1300 to 1900


16:217:525 Nature in Chinese Literature


16:217:527 Topics in Classical Chinese Poetry and Poetics


16:217:528 Tang Poetry


16:217:529 Early China in the World


16:217:531 Readings in Modern Chinese Literature


16:217:533 The City in Modern Chinese Literature & Film


16:217:534 Cultural Memory in Contemporary China


16:217:535 Chinese Grammar for Teachers of Mandarin

16:217:536 Chinese Historical Phonology  
16:217:555 Seminar on Modern Korean History  
16:217:570 The Tale of Genji as World Literature  
16:217:577 Japanese Film  

16:217:593 Independent Study in East Asian Languages and Cultures


16:217:594 Independent Study in East Asian Languages and Cultures


16:217:598 Special Topics in East Asian Language and Cultures


16:217:599 Special Topics in East Asian Language and Cultures