About Us

Asian Languages and Culture About us

Our Mission: We have created an exceptional learning environment for the study of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages and cultures, and recently added Filipino and Vietnamese to our language offerings. Our faculty members conduct cutting-edge research that is transforming the fields of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Studies in North America and internationally.

Major/Minor Programs: The department offers major programs in Chinese and in East Asian Languages and Area Studies—with concentrations in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, and minor programs in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Asian Studies.

Our History: Our department has a long and rich history of exchange with East Asia, and we are currently celebrating two important milestones:

  • 1966--Looking back fifty years, we remember the beginnings of our department with the advent of Chinese language Courses at Rutgers in 1966, taught by our founding Chair Professor Ching-I Tu, who will be retiring at the end of 2017.
  • 1867--Looking back 150 years, we remember the earliest group of Japanese exchange students arriving in New Brunswick in 1867 to take up their studies at Rutgers. Among them was Kusakabe Taro, whose untimely death prevented him from graduating with his Rutgers College class in 1870. His grave still stands in Willow Grove Cemetery, New Brunswick, and even today is a destination for visitors from Japan.