China and the U.S - Course Description

The Sino-U.S. relations are one of the most important international relations in the 21st century, as China is fast becoming America’s major economic and geopolitical competitor. To better understand the challenges and opportunities between China and the U.S. and reduce conflicts, we need to study the long and complicated interactions between the two nations and peoples. This course examines the Chinese-American relations since the late 18th century and brings the perspectives from both sides in the global context into the conversation. We will discuss how each side interpreted and responded to the other in major historical episodes, such as the China trade, the Open-Door Policy, the Chinese Exclusion Act, the first and second world wars, the Chinese nationalism and revolution, the Korean War, the Taiwan Strait crises, the Vietnam War, the Mao-Nixon rapprochement, and the Tiananmen Square Incident. We will especially investigate how stereotypes, assumptions, and perceptions of each other have significantly shaped the Chinese-American relations.

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