Chinese Books 8102 major 

Chinese (165) Major


The major in Chinese requires 36 credits distributed as follows:


  1. Six courses in Chinese language above the 100 level, including courses in both modern and classical Chinese.
  2. Four courses in Chinese literature, history, and/or culture (under subject code 165).
  3. One course chosen from East Asian Civilizations: Traditional Era (098:241) OR East Asian Civilizations: Modern Era (098:242) OR Global East Asia (098:250).
  4. Capstone Seminar on East Asian Studies (098:444).


Students interested in teacher certification at K - 12 schools are advised to consult the department web site or the Student Handbook under Major Programs for the requirements. 


Chinese (165) Minor


The minor in Chinese consists of four courses in Chinese beyond the elementary level, in both modern and classical Chinese plus two additional elective courses in the area of concentration (subject code 165).