positions: asia critique has published over 30 special issues, including several award-winners.

  • Best New Journal, 1995
  • Best Special Issue, 1999 (Runner-Up) – empires of hygiene
  • Best Special Issue, 2008 – war capital trauma
  • Best Special Issue, 2010 – beyond the strai(gh)ts: transnationalism and queer chinese politics
  • Best Special Issue, 2015 – reconsidering the 2006 MIT visualizing cultures controversy

Awards are given by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals, of the Modern Language Association.


Our most recent special issues are:

  • positions: asia critique 30.3 – villages make the city: displacement, dispossession, and class in china's urban villages
  • positions: asia critique 30.2 – children and youth in asian migration: states, families and education
  • positions: asia critique 29.4 – the maoism of prc history: against dominant trends in anglophone academia
  • positions: asia critique 29.3 – productive encounters: kinship, gender, and family laws in east asia 
  • positions: asia critique 29.1 – the politics of storytelling in imperial island formations


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